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The secret to great BBQ is great charcoal. We only stock premium lumpwood charcoal from sustainable sources as well as restaurant grade briquettes. 

Please note that we only ship charcoal to Ireland and Northern Ireland 

Recommended for Low 'N' Slow

Cuban Marabu is the king of charcoal. A single chimney starter of charcoal can last up to 16 hours. Big lumps and long burning time make this the go to charcoal for smokers, low and slow cooks in kamados, and ugly drum smokers. It is also great in larger Weber Kettles for smoking or offset grilling.

Recommended for Portable BBQs, Dutch Ovens, and Fast Kettle Grilling

Carbonitas - it is Cuban Marabu but in smaller lumps, so it burns faster and hotter.

Recommended for Kamados & Restaurant Style Grilling

Big K or Firebrand on a bed of Globaltic. You will need to start the fire with Globaltic (also a great coal for Low 'N' Slow on its own) and then when you have a bed of nice white charcoal lay down briquettes of Big K or Firebrand and keep the grill topped up with those all night long. A little goes a long way as they burn very hot.


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Caribbean Marabu Lumpwood Charcoal

From  £30.15

Big K Restaurant Grade Charcoal Briquettes - FSC Certified

From  £25.85

Globaltic Birch Lumpwood Charcoal

From  £30.15

Carbonitas Lumpwood Charcoal for Weber Kettles

£7.32   £4.31

Globaltic Birch Charcoal Briquettes For Weber Kettles


4 x Caribbean Marabu Charcoal - Collect Only


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